We the R.B.Sports is the community that enhances the skills of the students and makes the progress specially of the students from rural area and encourage them to participate in all sports.

We try to develop the grass roots sports and bring awareness of this sport in the students and make them to participate in Olympics.

As football is a game of generation to generation as the same grass root football is the game that seeks to be developed from the local level. Grass root football is a football that is non-professional to children when we see the children and young people playing around. We feel and have positive experience. Grass root games are the foundation of the football. We the R. B. Sports try to make every child teach the game and try to make them efficient to participate in Olympics likewise other games.





India ranks a lowly 103rdon the global human capital index.Statistics indicate that 42% of our population participates in cricket, the average participation for all other sports unless India makes structural effort to broad-based sports and increase participation at grass root level, we will continue to lag behind not just on social development & youth inclusion parameters but also deliver limited success at sports event.India first participated in the Olympics in 1900 in Paris. The country was represented by Norman Pritchard, an Anglo Indian who was holidaying in Paris during that time. Subsequently in 1923-24, a provisional All in India Olympic committee was setup, which organised the All India Olympic games that later became the national games of India.




In conclusion,” What we sow today is what we will reap day after”. But we need to have patience and revolve to ride out this journey. As more of us join this journey and participate this R.B. Sports management.Till then we hope and we pray and we keep knocking on the door for better India.